How quickly will my items be dispatched?
Usually all items ordered before 2pm are dispatched that day if the item is in stock (Monday - Friday). If the item is for some reason out of stock it will be dispatched within 7 days unless we contact you to tell you otherwise. If in doubt give us a ring and we can confirm your items are in stock and when they will be dispatched.
Will the shoe dye be the colour it says it will be?
We have tried and tested all the products we sell and only stock items that we are happy with. There a couple of things worth remembering when purchasing shoe dye though; the colour and surface the you are dying can make a difference with certain dyes, and the settings on your monitor will make the colour charts on our site look different on every monitor. If you are in any doubt we can send you a colour chart for most of our products.
Can I return a dye if it is the wrong colour?
If on receiving you dye you realise it is not the colour you require send it back to us and if the dye reaches us un-opened and in a condition in which it can be resold we will happily exchange it for another. You will however have to pay P&P for a new dye to be sent to you.
The dye in the bottle is a different colour to the colour on the packet, which is the correct colour?
This is particularly aimed at the Tarrago range of over 80 colours. The colour on the lid of the box is the colour that the dye will turn out once applied to your shoes. It can sometime vary slightly in colour in the bottle.
Which dye do you recommend for...
Leather - Tarrago Shoe Dye, the best range of colours and the most even coverage.
Suede - Fiebings Suede Dye, 21 fantastic colours from a well established manufacturer.
Satin - Saphir Satin Dye, the best quality but unfortunately not available in that many colours.
Are my details safe with you and do you share them with any 3rd parties?
We use encrypted software that makes your card details as safe as possible when ordering online.
We do not pass any details on to anyone else, but will very occassionally send out a promotional email to our previous customers. To stop this simply reply with 'unsubcribe' to the first email you receive.
What is the difference between Renovating Shoe Cream and standard Shoe Cream?

The renovating cream formulation contains over two times the level of colour pigment. This provides a good solution for effectively covering up scuffs and scrapes on leather. Excellent for Kid’s Shoes.


Which product should I use to water proof my Leather Football Boots. Dubbin or Spray Protector?

Dubbin is far more effective as it penetrates the leather and then forms a barrier from within the leather to the surface. This means that the boots can take abrasions without losing water proofing properties. The Protector Spray leaves a protective film on the surface of the leather as the barrier, however, this will breakdown when under the severe abrasion of playing football.