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Welcome to Shoe Doctor, the renowned cobblers shop that has been serving customers since 1934. Located in the bustling town of Thame, Oxfordshire, our shoe repair shop is a testament to our expertise in the field. We take great pride in our extensive collection of shoe dyes and creams, offering an impressive array of colors to cater to every taste. Additionally, our vast inventory includes a wide selection of stick-on soles and heels, protector sprays, cleaners, and everything else you need to care for your beloved footwear. With our commitment to quality and our status as an award-winning independent establishment, Shoe Doctor is your ultimate destination for all your shoe care needs.



Founded in 1940, Tarrago Brands International was born in the cradle of the Spanish textile industry, under the name of “Tarrago Products”.

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The line traces its origins back to the 1925 Paris International Fair, where the line won a gold medal. Its hallmark is an absolute commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients available in the concentrated, time-honoured formulations in its products.

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