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Fiebings Suede Dye

Fiebings Suede Dye

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Instructions for Suede and Nubuck Dyeing:

  1. Begin by brushing the suede or nubuck with a suede brush to eliminate dirt and smooth out shiny areas.
  2. Apply the dye evenly across the entire surface and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  3. Once completely dry, use the suede brush again to remove any excess dye and restore the texture.
  4. To protect and maintain the newly restored suede, we recommend using Tarrago Nano Spray.

Please note:

  • This dye is not suitable for synthetic materials.
  • Exercise caution when dyeing to a significantly different color, as undesirable combinations may result.
  • Click on the color chart to view a larger version.

Our dye is available in 21 vibrant colors:

  • Black, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Grey, Medium Brown, British Tan, Tan, Light Brown, Navy Blue, Blue, Aqua Green, Beige, Purple, Green, Burgundy, Lilac, Kelly Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Rust.

We have all colors in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

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