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Sneaker Leather Cleaner 60ml

Sneaker Leather Cleaner 60ml

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The powerful but still very gentle leather cleaner for cleaning especially white sneaker leather, especially the surface (graining) of the leather.

Suitable for both genuine and synthetic leather, for shiny as well as matt or embossed leather, for coloured leather as well as for white leather or imitation leather, which even on white leather does not cause any colour changes:
Even white sneaker leather remains white even after cleaning, and coloured leather does not fade!

You can use it for the cleaning of your rubber soles and sole edges, called Midsole, also:
It's the general-purpose cleaner for all sneakers with leather upper and rubber soles.

The Leather Cleaner from the brand new SNEAKERLINE is the optimal surface cleaner for all colour corrected and coated leathers and therefore it can also be used for all other leather shoes and not only for sneakers.
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